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Affordable Welwyn Garden City taxi Prices 2023

Welwyn Garden City taxi prices

Need a taxi Welwyn Garden City in advance? No time to wait? Online taxi booking might be the next thing you want to do. So, while scouring through online taxi companies, the price will be the first thing that will puzzle you. I want taxis near me cheap, but don’t want to miss out on good company either.

Be it long distance taxi prices UK, or airport taxi price, we should know the standard Welwyn Garden City taxi prices before dealing with any company.

So let’s start reading this unexhaustive short article that clearly explains how taxis calculate and what these rates are.

Taxi Fare Calculation Method:

You can calculate your taxi fare by zone system, flat rates and meters. Different companies will use a different method, or perhaps the town or city will recommend which method to use.


Calculating your taxi fare through different zones means your taxi will have a distinct price for its location zone. The zone is basically a city section with its taxi rates. One zone to another will have one price, no matter how far or near you want to stop. 

When your taxi travels via zones, you might face extra or hidden charges like tolls and fees for a second passenger and luggage. Ask your taxi driver to be fully transparent about these fees before you book it.

Flat Rate

Flat rates use a price to get from one pillar point of a city to another. A flat-rate taxi Welwyn garden city to Luton airport price will have to be paid only once, regardless of how many people you book the taxi for or whatever luggage there is, and with no tolls upon you, either. It’s definitely the second most convenient system.

Taxi Meter

You will mostly find the taxi meter is used to calculate the Welwyn Garden City taxi prices. It will get active when the taxi starts running. There will be three factors under which the meter will run, which are:

  • Initial fee: The fee charged at the beginning for the whole ride.
  • Cost per mile/km: The cost calculated for each mile travelled on the ride.
  • Cost per minute: Once the ride begins, the meter will calculate each minute regardless of whether it is moving or stagnant. 

The meter process:

A taxi’s first cost is due the moment you step inside. This sum might be anything from a few dollars to a few hundred. In most cases, the first charge is the same for every trip, regardless of how far you go.

As soon as the cab moves, the meter will begin recording the miles or kilometres travelled and the corresponding fare. Your fare will collect every fraction of a mile, such as every tenth of a mile as it runs. 

The story’s different if the vehicle’s speed drops below 10 miles per hour or the driver must sit motionless due to traffic. Taxi fares are calculated by the minute rather than the mile or kilometre if the vehicle is stagnant for a while. The cabbie will compensate for his time spent waiting at stop signs and traffic lights in this way. 

A metered taxi will collect toll payments, extra passengers and luggage fees. Tipping the driver is also good etiquette. So tip from 10 to 20% of the total remuneration.

The meter uses this formula to calculate the fare:

Base Fare + (Cost per mile * ride distance) + (Cost per minute * taxi’s time when it is stagnant or barely moving) = Your Taxi Fare

Welwyn Garden City Taxi Prices



Taxi Class
Approx. examples
Uber X,


Uber XL,

Lyft XL

Uber Black,

Lyft Lux Black



3.00 GBP 4.20 GBP 4.80 GBP

per min

0.20 GBP 0.20 GBP 0.40 GBP

per mile

1.50 GBP 2.50 GBP 2.90 GBP

Standard Class Taxi Fares

Average Mileage cost

Welwyn taxis have an average price for the distance travelled via taxi. 

You will be charged £3.00 if you travel less than 525 yards, any greater, and you will have to pay 20p every time you have crossed the 150 yards.

3-9 mile





3 8.70 GBP
4 10.50 GBP
5 12.40 GBP
6 14.30 GBP
7 16.20 GBP
8 18.10 GBP
9 20.00 GBP

10-50 mile





10 21.90 GBP
15 31.30 GBP
20 40.70 GBP
25 50.20 GBP
30 59.60 GBP
40 78.40 GBP
50 97.30 GBP


UBER pricing UberX Exec UberXL Lux
Base fare 2.5 GBP 4 GBP 3.5 GBP 5 GBP
Booking fee 0 GBP 0 GBP 0 GBP 0 GBP
Cost per min 0.15 GBP 0.3 GBP 0.15 GBP 0.55 GBP
Cost per mile 1.25 GBP 2.4 GBP 2.1 GBP 3.55 GBP
Min. charge 5 GBP 10 GBP 7 GBP 14 GBP
Cancel. fee 6 GBP 8 GBP 8 GBP 12 GBP


Taxi prices Information from the tables have been borrowed from Aboutlist

Extra Charges

We have discussed extra Welwyn Garden City taxi prices previously in this article, but we didn’t discuss all the different prices you might be liable for if you call a cab in these conditions:

  • You booked cab travel from 11 in the night to 7 in the morning- extra 50%.
  • You booked cab travel from 11 in the night to midnight- extra 50%.
  • You booked cab travel from 7 in the night to midnight during Christmas and New Year’s Eve- extra 50%.
  • You made a taxi call on Bank holidays if it isn’t on Christman and Boxing Day- extra 50%.
  • You booked taxis Welwyn Garden City on Christmas, Boxing Day, and from midnight to 7 am on New Years Day- extra 100%.
  • You will be charged more than £100.00 if you or your extra passenger and animal damages the Welwyn taxi in any way.

Welwyn 2 Airport Taxi Prices

Airport Transfer from


Airport Transfer price

From Welwyn Garden City

You can find this information on the Welwyn2Airport Pricing page.

Why Welwyn 2 Airport 

Affordable rates

Welwyn 2 Airport only goes by standard and fixed taxi prices Welwyn Garden City. We also have a flat rate for cost taxi to airport.

Fast Commuting

Our Welwyn North taxis drop off our passengers timely and comfortably, especially for Luton to Welwyn Garden City rides.

Safe Driving

Our drivers are trained enough in this profession. Stay assured as we drive you to your desired location. You will face no casualty.


Welwyn Garden City taxi prices vary according to mileage, different calculation methods, riding class, and so on. We have provided everything you need to know in this simplistic small read. If you still have questions or any confusion, just give Welwyn 2 Airport a call. We will help you in any way we can. And if you are in need of a taxi, we are right here.

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